kehoe_the_great (kehoe_the_great) wrote in massabesic_high,

Tim and I had a conversation...and this is where it lead...

woddywodwod: well, i'm off to protect justice and the american way
t3h k3h03:
t3h k3h03: as i will be opposing you
t3h k3h03: from mother russia
woddywodwod: well, since i'm american, i'll just get one of my bitch countries to attack you
t3h k3h03: damn!
woddywodwod: like tehjikistan!
t3h k3h03: or england
woddywodwod: lol, that too
t3h k3h03: for we have our political wang so far up their ass they can taste it
woddywodwod: hahahahahaha
t3h k3h03: wow, that's the best thing i've ever said
woddywodwod: i love you jon
t3h k3h03: i love me too
t3h k3h03: that's going in my profile

Too big gor an AIM profile though...*sniffle*
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